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Ag Tours are Fun and Informative Tours for Adults and Children

Agriculture involves the cultivation of plants and animals. Animal farms, wineries and fruit orchards are an example of processes of agriculture. These processes are of interest to many people. Therefore, Agriculture tours or Ag tours are widely available.

Ag tours allow an individual to visit an animal farm, winery, fruit orchard and more to discover how these businesses function. An individual can visit an apple orchard in order to pick apples, but Ag tours of an apple orchard will educate an individual on how apples are grown, maintained and distributed.

There are various ways to arrange informative Ag tours. The most general way is to contact the Chamber of Commerce of the area in which you are interested in Ag tours. A Chamber of Commerce will include local business members who provide information for those who may be interested in their services. By calling the Chamber of Commerce, you will be directed to phone numbers and other information for local Ag tours.

A more specific way to arrange Ag tours is to call the animal farm, winery, fruit orchard or more directly. Most businesses have websites that will display all of their information. By using a search engine, such as or, you can find information on businesses or organizations that might offer Ag tours. Simply go to a search engine and type in the name of the organization. If the business has a website most likely, the website will appear. Then study the website to see if the business or organization offers fun Ag tours. is a family owned farm located in Reedley, California that specializes in olive oils and fruit products. Two-hour Ag tours of the facility can be arranged to learn more about the processes.


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