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In 1911, Gerhart Nickel purchased a vineyard 2 miles south of Reedley and started farming. His son, Ruben Nickel took over the farm years later. When Ruben died suddenly on the first day of peach harvest during the summer of 1951, his son-in-law Louis Wiebe took on the responsibilities of the farm.

In 1956, Louis planted his first nectarine trees and began the transition from grapes to tree fruit. In 1975, he incorporated along with his son Gordon Wiebe and son-in-law Richard Sawatzky and formed Wiebe Farms, Inc. Louis has recently picked his last peach and is now spending eternity with the Creator and Richard’s 2 sons Kyle and Ryan are now part of Wiebe Farms and plan on continuing as the fifth generation of our family farm.

In 2006, 50 years after the first nectarines trees, we have committed to another direction in farming by planting our first olive trees. In 2008, we purchased the California Olive Oil Manufacturing Company and the BARI® brand. COOMC and the BARI® brand were started in Fresno, California in 1936 by Frank and Vito Pantaleo. While we have changed the name from COOMC to Bari Olive Oil Company, the brand, products, service, and family tradition that have served BARI® customers since 1936, will continue. Also in 2008, we opened up our Gift Shop & Tasting Room and then in October of 2009, we installed our own olive mill and began milling our olives in our new Amenduni olive mill.

Since those first nectarines were planted, Wiebe Farms has continued to grow and adapt to the changes necessary to continue farming in today’s ever changing world.

Great tasting and consistent quality produce have always been very important on our family farm. We continue to take pride in growing, processing, and shipping farm products that everyone can enjoy.

We strive for quality in all aspects of our operation.



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