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What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is olive oil, derived from the olive fruit. Olive oil is used in cooking (not to mention many other industries) and frequently accompanies main courses that are baked, fried and grilled. The type of olive oil you use is important because it will determine the taste and consistency of the meal. That may leave you wondering how do you know which olive oils to use for different tasting meals? There are some free guides available on olive oil and what flavor of oil should be used for different foods: for example extra virgin olive oil that is robust, fruity or delicate tasting.

You may also be wondering what the term quality extra virgin olive oil means. Extra virgin olive oil refers to the grade of olive oil that is being used. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade, and comes from the first pressing of the olives, which means it has no more than 0.8 acidity and thus a better taste.

There is also virgin olive oil that has less than 2% acidity, and like extra virgin olive oil, does not contain any refined oil. Pure olive oil is usually a blend of refined oil and with some content of extra virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil. Then there is regular olive oil, a blend with no more than 1.5% acidity and olive pomace oil, which is refined with some virgin oil contained.

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